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"Trey is the smartest guy in the room!" - Grant Cardone
Bestselling author, world's #1 sales trainer, renowned speaker, international social media influencer and real estate mogul.

Meet Trey Taylor

Trey Taylor

Trey Taylor is the managing director of Trinity Blue, a consultancy designed to provide executive coaching and strategic planning to C-Suite leaders. His experience derives from fields as diverse as technology, financial services, venture capital, and commercial real estate development. Frequently featured as a keynote speaker, he has addressed attendees at the Human Capital Institute, the Ascend Conference, and many other engagements. You can find out more about Taylor's consulting work at
"Trey Taylor has written a brave and ambitious work, bringing an interdisciplinary approach to solving questions that have plagued corporate leaders for years. At the intersection of neuroscience, anthropology, psychology, and business stands this work, A CEO Only Does Three Things. Taylor's work tells us that as business leaders we have more in common with each other than we would ever have imagined. The lack of focus that multiplies the higher you go up the food chain is a dirty little secret that we all know, but no one acknowledges."
- Jerry Daniels, CEO, Automotive Broadcasting Network, Jacksonville, Florida
"Whether you are a newly minted chief executive, or you've been on the job for years, Trey Taylor's A CEO Only Does Three Things gives you the tools and mindset needed to understand and unlock value from the top of the organization down."
- Clinton Beeland, CEO, CJB Industries, Valdosta, Georgia

"Trey's ideas in A CEO Only Does Three Things are creative, unique, and transformative. There isn't a platitude in the whole book. It's filled with dynamic business ideas that are simple but profound. I don't know a single executive who wouldn't benefit from being reminded of the core job. This useful book reveals and reminds us of the fundamental laws of management and leadership that lead to success."
- Tom Purcell, CEO, Ashford Advisors, Atlanta, Georgia

What Other People Are Saying...

"This is one of the most extraordinary books I have read in recent times--a brave, compassionate, and astonishingly humane treatment of the challenges that face those of us who lead businesses. Taylor approaches and ultimately answers one of the oldest questions in business--where does the job of leader begin and end?--and crafts from it a positive view of the future where CEOs are freed to do the work that only they can do. Through his stories, told with good humor and lucid accuracy, we learn that we are not alone in facing the challenges in the C-Suite. We all are doing too much that isn't ours to do. A CEO Only Does Three Things shows us how to fix that problem for ourselves and our teams."
- Peter Balasaria, CEO, Powerline Hardware, Jacksonville, Florida
"In A CEO Only Does Three Things, Trey Taylor reminds us that nothing in business is more powerful than a focused CEO. This remarkable new book introduces us to Taylor's philosophy of liberation for CEOs around the world shackled to the job of performing tasks that their teams are paid to do. His radical suggestion that a CEO should do the things that only he or she can do and leave the rest to others will strike some as too-good-to-be-true. Those of us who have applied his methodology know just how right he is, though. This book should be on every CEO's desktop and nightstand."
- George Robbins, Vistage International, and former CEO, Millennium Specialty Chemicals, Jacksonville, Florida

"The first book to explain critical concepts of executive leadership in a way that we can learn and remember when our focus waivers. Taylor's A CEO Only Does Three Things provides immediately actionable insights that CEOs can use today! I'd consider it a must-read for leaders in business strategy, corporate development, and corporate alliances."
- Jim Blachek, CEO Dynamic Benefit Solutions, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania